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The Owners

Julie and Marty Saso

Marty and Julie have owned and operated My BodyGuard Dogs for over 30 years now. Marty grew up with German Shepherd Dogs and later started My BodyGuard Dogs with his wife, Julie. Together, they strive to be a great breeding and training facility. The goal is to produce some of the most sought-after German Shepherd Dogs in the world. In addition, they offer a world class training facility with a wide variety of training options to help owners achieve the perfect companion and/or competition dog.

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Our Staff

Behind the Scenes


Megan Anthony

Office Manager

Megan has been with My BodyGuard since September of 2019. She started as a kennel associate, caring for our dogs and our customer's dogs. Her position grew into a trainer and is currently an administrative assistant and helps with the care of puppies.


Gerardo Gonzalez

Kennel Associate

Gerardo has worked for My BodyGuard since January 2019. He is our primary caretaker for our dogs along with the boarding dogs. He also does a lot of maintenance work around the property and takes wonderful care of our herd of sheep which we have for our sheep herding program.


Crystal Shane

Kennel Associate

Crystal has been a part of the My BodyGuard team since August 2020 and is our other primary caretaker. She works hard to keep our dogs happy and does tons of work with socializing our litters! Crystal loves spending time with the dogs and also assisting the trainers when they need an extra set of hands.


McKenzy Price

Obedience Trainer

McKenzy started working for My BodyGuard in April of 2022. She has a passion for the dogs and loves spending time with them and taking them on their walks and playtimes. She works hard to train the dogs in obedience and perfect it so they go home with the best results.


Joselle Blyth

Kennel Associate

Joselle started at My BodyGuard in March of 2022. She is a kennel associate with interest in becoming a trainer. She is working on bettering her handling skills and understanding dog behavior to build her knowledge. She has been working with our dogs to gain experience.


Julyn Leadingham

Obedience Trainer

Julyn started at My BodyGuard in August of 2022. She started as a kennel associate and has worked her way up to training. She has a passion for working with the dogs in obedience and setting a good foundation for higher level training.

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