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Our Program Options

Evaluation Necessary

Board and Training: List

Puppy Head Start

6 Months or Younger

This 2 week in home trainer stay fosters the perfect learning experience with 
consistent repetitions, structure, and clear communication from our trainers.
In this program we cover crate and potty training, human and dog socialization,
and the following commands: place, sit, down, recall, and foundational heel.

New Beginnings

6 Months and Up

This 3 week kennel stay builds a strong foundation in the following on leash 
skills: sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, heel, recall, and general manners. 
All these skills will be proofed on fun filled and educational field trips 
in order to ensure they’re well mannered in and out of the house!

Unleashed Adventures

After completion of New Beginnings

This 2 week in kennel stay focuses on previously learned skills as well as 
off leash skills through e-collar training. We solidify on leash skills and work 
towards reliable off leash obedience so you and your dog can experience more
freedom and adventures in the world!

New Beginnings Comprehensive

4 weeks for full basic obedience completion

This 4 week kennel stay program is for dogs with little to no training experience or needing a full refresher. The first two weeks create reliable obedience on-leash with the following skills: sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, heel, recall, and general manners. The last two weeks we work towards reliable off leash obedience. With this strong foundation in on and off-leash obedience you will experience new found freedom with your dog!

Through the Leash

2 weeks for basic on-leash obedience

This 2 week intensive program focuses on on-leash obedience only with the following skills: sit, down, stay, wait, leave-it, heel, recall, and general manners. All skills will be proofed in real world situations. You will be able to take your dog almost anywhere on leash and feel confident in their manners.

Behavior Modification

6 week minimum for behavior correcting and obedience
Starting at $5,000

This 6 week minimum program in kennel stay focuses on the reintegration of reactive, aggressive, and anxious dogs safely into the world. We work on building a foundation in solid obedience, building engagement with the handler, and appropriately correcting behaviors to help your dog channel their energy into healthier outlets. The ultimate goal of this program is to help your dog coexist safely with others.

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