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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Our High Standards

We have a very high standard for selecting dogs for our breeding program. In Germany, and also here in our kennel, we follow the German Standard, which means that German Shepherd dogs must be titled in the sport of Schutzhund before they are considered breed worthy.  See below for our German Shepherd puppies that we currently have available.


All of our German Shepherd dogs are 100% German lines, all have their hips and elbows certified, all have super temperaments and character. We also follow the standard for conformation set in Germany, which produces a male German Shepherd that is approximately 26 inches high at the shoulder, and is large, powerful, and masculine, has a dark mask, and very good black and red pigment/color. Female German Shepherds are approximately 24 inches high at the shoulder, and are generally 20 pounds or so lighter than the male at full size. They also have very good black and red pigment/color.



Current litter

Puppies born 9/20!!!  Females Available!!

Contact us today!!

(815) 568-0484



Upcoming working line litter

Coming Soon!!

Contact us today!!

(815) 568-0484



Current Show line litter

Puppies Born 10/7!!  3 Females Available!!

Contact us today!!

(815) 568-0484

How are your puppies raised and when can I take my puppy home?


  • Our puppies receive top-quality care from the moment they are born. The Mom dog and her puppies have private whelping rooms away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the kennel.
  • Starting at 3 days of life, each puppy is exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation. ENS is a set of short exercises which serve to stimulate the neurological system in a young puppy and has been proven to strengthen the heart, increase resistance to diseases, and produce greater tolerance of stress.
  • As the puppies become older they are introduced to more and more new things around the kennel and are socialized with many people, young and old.
  • Our puppies are routinely wormed, receive their first vaccination, are micro chipped, and will also receive their first vet check before they go home.
  • At 49 days (7 weeks) of age we conduct a temperament test to evaluate the individual character, drives, conformation, training potential, and temperament of each puppy.
  • Puppies can go to their new homes at 8 weeks.

What veterinarian do you recommend?


We recommend Marengo Animal Hospital in Marengo, IL.

We recommend Animal Hospital of Woodstock in Woodstock, IL.

We recommend Pet Vet Animal Clinic in Huntley, IL.

What food should I feed my dog?


We recommend Nutri Source large breed puppy or Best Breed Large Breed Puppy food for puppies and young dogs. For adult dogs, we recommend Nutri Source Grain Free products or Best Breed Large Breed, German Shepherd Breed, or Working Breed dog food. You can purchase these foods from us. If you live too far to pick up food, then ask us about shipping or visit or for retailers in your area.  If you have any questions between the different kinds of food that Nutri Source carries, please contact us for more information!

What vitamins and supplements should I give my dog?

Answer:We recommend the following supplements:

  • Nu Vet Plus Tabs – use order code: 84848
  • Prozyme
  • ProLif Probiotics
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