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World Class Breeding

Our Mission

My BodyGuard Dogs was established in 1991 by Martin and Julie Saso.  From the start, our mission was to provide world class breeding of German Shepherd puppies with super temperament and working ability.  German Shepherd Dogs have brought us so much joy and have greatly enriched our lives.  It is our belief that every dog owner should have the opportunity to experience the companionship, devotion, and protection of a dog, and no other breed is more suited for this than a German Shepherd Dog.

Our German Shepherds

Our German Shepherd dogs are sought after for family companions, competition work (schutzhund, agility, obedience, herding, rally, etc.), and service work (including police service, personal protection, search and rescue, and service dogs). Only German Shepherd puppies and Dogs of sound health and stable temperament can achieve such high levels of training. Solid character, good nerves, and excellent health also making our German Shepherd Dogs and puppies excellent family companions as well!

What makes a "good responsible" breeder?

When looking for a breeder, consider the following… You should establish a good relationship with the breeder first by phone, then, by visiting the kennel. The breeder should be willing to show you the entire facility, including whelping areas. The kennel should be clean and all dogs should be appear in good, healthy condition and should not be fearful of visitors. The mother of the puppies should be available for you to greet. The breeder should be available to answer your questions at all times. A good breeder stands behind their dogs by offering a written guarantee.

What colors are your German Shepherds?

What makes a German Shepherd a "good" German Shepherd?


We follow the standards set by the German Shepherd Club in Germany (the SV – Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde) to ensure that our dogs are not only “good” in our eyes but they are proven “good” to the eyes of the entire world. In Germany, puppies cannot receive papers and are not even considered purebred unless both of their parents meet ALL of these standards. The standards set by the SV are very important to promote proper health, temperament, and character as well as to produce correct conformation and structure in the German Shepherd. Most importantly we use these standards to ensure we produce dogs with both a sound mind and body. In order to meet the SV standard and be considered breed worthy, a dog must:


• Be titled at least to a SchH1 in the sport of Schutzhund. Schutzhund is a sport involving tracking, obedience, and protection. – More about Schutzhund

• Possess a breed survey (Koerklass rating) to prove the dog is correct in temperament as well as in structure (height, weight, teeth count, etc.) – More about Breed Surveys

• Have an AD title  a 20 kilometer bike ride that tests the dog’s endurance, conditioning, and physical structure.

Have hips and elbows certified free of dysplasia by the German “a” stamp program there are three passable ratings in the “a” stamp program: “a” normal (excellent), “a” fast normal (almost excellent), and “a” noch zugelassen (still passing).

• Have a German Show Rating of either “VA” (Vorzugliche Aulese – Excellent Select), “V” (Vorzuglich – Excellent), “SG” (Sehr Gut – Very Good), or “G” (Gut – Good)

What's the difference between a show-line German Shepherd and a working-line German Shepherd?


•Show Line German Shepherds are bred with physical structure and conformation as the primary focus. Show Line dogs are always black/red in color. Because they are not bred primarily to be working dogs, they have an outgoing, but calm temperament and make great home companions.

•Working Line German Shepherds are bred with the ability to be trained and good drives for work as the primary focus. These dogs can be black/red, black/tan, sable, or solid black in color. Working line Shepherds have high drives and lots of energy. They are perfect for someone who wants to compete in Schutzhund, agility, or obedience. They are also in high demand for Search & Rescue dogs as well as Police Dogs. These dogs require more time and attention from their owners, but can fit well into an active family.


At My BodyGuard Dogs, we breed both working line and show line dogs. We look for the best dogs in each and work to produce show line dogs with correct structure, but that also have good drives and trainability as well as working line dogs that are suitable for police work or Schutzhund competition but have correct structure and fluid movement.

I just want a good house-pet and a family guardian... why should the German standards be important to me?


The standards set by the SV are very important for someone looking for a German Shepherd as a housepet. Why? Because these standards are used to weed out dogs that shouldn’t be bred. It guarantees that the dogs that are bred have good temperaments, solid nerves, courage, adaptability, healthy bodies, and correct structure. These are the very attributes that most people are looking for in a housepet. Most people are looking for a German Shepherd that is not fearful or nervous of strange people, dogs, or situations, does not have excessive seperation anxiety issues, chronic allergies, ear infections or hip/elbow dysplasia. Issues like these are commonly genetic. In the German Shepherd breed, finding a well-bred Shepherd can be difficult. The easy way to find a well-bred Shepherd is to see how they hold up to the SV standards.

Is the German Shepherd Dog right for me?


See if you can answer “Yes!” to the following:

  • Are you active (single or family)?
  • Would you be able to include a puppy/dog in many of your activities?
  • Will you be able to commit to grooming, exercising and training your new puppy/dog several times a week?
  • Are all of the members of your household in agreement about the purchase of a puppy/dog?
  • Are you ready for a 10-14 year commitment?
  • Have you researched the German Shepherd Dog breed so that you know what to expect?

Quality Training

In addition to striving to produce quality German Shepherd Dogs that further the breed, we also provide a wide range of training to suit the needs of the owner and their German Shepherd Dogs. We offer training at our facility, located in Marengo, Illinois, with classes conducted both indoors and also outside on our regulation size Schutzhund field.