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Group Class Prices

Group Classes: List

Puppy Class


6 week class for puppies 4 months and younger. Help start your puppy off on the right track and get a good foundation for training started.

Introduction to Obedience


4 week class for puppies who graduated from puppy class or for dogs older than 4 months looking to get started! Earn your AKC STAR puppy title at the end of this class!

Beginners Class


8 week class for dogs who have graduated Intro to Obedience or who have some training and are looking for a group setting.

Intermediate Class


8 week class for dogs that have graduated beginners and are looking to move into distance and off leash training. Graduate this class with your CGC and your CGCA!

Advanced Class


8 week class for dogs that graduated from intermediate or are heading to off leash training and proofing training in public. Attain your CGCA and Urban CGC title at the end too!

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