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Training: Services

Board and Training

Programs where you board your dog with us and they go through multiple training sessions a day to meet required obedience set by us and the end goals set by you and your trainer in your evaluation.

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Private Lessons

One-on-one, 30-60 minute long lessons with one of our trainer specifically geared towards your individual goals.


Group Classes

Start at puppy class for 4 months and under, or come in for an evaluation to find what class level fits you and your dog the best. Class lengths and prices vary.


Day Training

Drop off in the morning, get multiple training sessions a day, and then go home with you at night!


Dog Sports


Dock Diving

Come for some casual swimming lessons or competition style dock diving.

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Protection and high level obedience training to work towards your BH or IGP titles.



Bring your dog in to learn how to compete in agility and run full courses.


Trick Dog

Join our classes for 6-8 weeks and earn your trick dog titles through AKC!

Training: Services
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